Smoked Mussels 250g tub

The smoky mussels are great in pasta and risotto dishes, as part of a seafood platter, on a seafood pizza – or just eaten straight out of the tub!

Drained weight: 160g




Whilst mussels are prevalent around Orkney’s shores, there is no commercial production on the islands and for reasons of supply and food safety we currently use Chilean Mussels.

Efforts are ongoing to source a mussel supply closer to home, however, as yet we have been unable to identify a UK producer capable of producing a similar quality, size and regular availability – but we continue to look!

Once the mussels are smoked they are placed in rapeseed oil (to keep the mussel meat moist and enhance the flavours) and at that stage are ready-to-eat.

And don’t dispose of the oil! The remaining flavoured oil is also ideal for adding to sauces, cooking and drizzling on salads, bread, etc.

Drained weight: 160g


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